SKU: CW12743
Type 1 Pump 12volt
Reversing hydraulic pump for use with steering systems equipped with 4.914 cubic inch (80cc 230cc) hydraulic steering rams.

The Type 1 hydraulic drive is compatible with both S1/S1G and S2/S2G corepacks. Use the table below to determine the Type 1 hydraulic drive's capacity when used with each corepack

Corepack Used S1 or S1G

Ram Capacity 4.9in - 10.5in
Maximum Stall
Pressure at 12V
750psi (50bar)

(no load) 67in/min (1000cc/min)

Corepack Used S2 or S2G

Ram Capacity 4.9in - 14in
(80cc - 230cc)
Maximum Stall
Pressure at 12V
750psi (50bar)

Peak Flow Rate
(no load) 67in/min (1000CC/min)

Product : RAYMARINE M81120 TYPE I PUMP M81120
Manufacturer : RAYMARINE
Manufacturer Part No : M81120
UPC : 023193811208

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